Welcome to Joshi !

We are a German animal protection Association 

which cares, in Southern France for abandoned dogs, and places them, 

with the help of German Refuge organizations, into caring homes, 

without whom these dogs would no longer be alive.

Joshi is an German Shepherd who really does exist. 

He was found in a terrible condition by the Police, and placed in the Dog Pound (fourrière), nobody came to look for him. He was thought to be 11 – 12 years old, but the Veterinary Doctor estimated that he was about 7 years of age.

At 3 pm. in the afternoon, when Joshi’s  time at the Pound had run out, 

should have been put to sleep, but just 10 mins. before his appointed time,  

three animal lovers passed by his cage, and took him home with them, 

so preventing his death. 

They arranged a foster home for him, with a caring family, and he was 

then transferred to his new family and home in Viernheim, Germany, 

and this is where he now lives, giving, and receiving 

all the love and care that he could need.. 

A group of German people living in the South of France, have formed their own Association for the protection of animals, which has been named


JOSHI the 2. Chance

The Association has been registered  since 6. May 2008, under VR 29758 HL 

in the District Court of Lübeck, Germany. 

Our aim: whilst most dogs are owned and cared for by their family, sadly, 

there are many more  that are no longer loved or wanted, and are abandoned 

by their owners, usually they are not tattooed, or castrated, and their breeding is uncontrolled. Animals are collected by the Police, from many places, 

including Garden Centres , and inevitably taken to the Pound. 

The animals are kept in small cages, frequently without any form of protection 

or roof over their  bodies. If the owners cannot be found, or do not want 

the dog back, the dog has  to spend  between 8 – 11 working days, 

before he is put down. Whether young or old, healthy or sick, 

friendly or aggressive, such is the French Law.

There are animal protection societies in  the south of France, who do a good job, 

and save many of the dogs from ending their life at the Dog Pound. 

We want  to find, and place dogs in good homes, in France and Germany. 

We only have one criteria, the dogs have to be friendly, and non aggressive, it is unimportant to us, whether the dog is a matter of weeks old, or many years of age. Whether he is a small pet, or a guard dog. 

We exist to find, and save these dogs from the Pound, or exceptionally 

from private owners who no longer want their dog. All of these dogs are then examined , chipped, inoculated and  sterilized.  

If a home cannot be found in France, we work with some Refuges in Germany. 

We arrange transport for these animals, when we know that there is a home 

waiting for them at the other end. 

We receive a copy of each contract of adoption , and make contact with 

the new owner. We, ourselves pay the costs of transport, fuel, telephone calls etc.

If you can, please help us.

We urgently need :

Dogs beds, blankets, covers, collars and leads, 

donations for food, and Vet costs, which includes inoculations, 

Leishmaniose test, micro chip, E-U Passport, 

sponorship for an animal, and also foster homes to care 

for these  animals, whilst we are finding them  their new home.

On the page  <unsere Hunde> you can see


the dogs that we are currently caring for. 

Thank you for your interest and care.

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